Brunskills Mini Americans (Mini Aussies) 

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We are a small breeder of Miniature American Shepherds (Mini Aussies) in South Dakota. We are fully dedicated to the improvement, protection, and preservation of this wonderful breed. We are working to produce mini aussie puppies that are the best representation of the standard size Aussies but in the smaller size by selecting dogs with traits that are defined by our breed standard. We raise a minimum number of mini Americans a year. We take pride in raising quality companions. Our small breeding program includes testing our dogs for genetic defects. This helps us make responsible and wise mating decisions and each mating is done with careful consideration. All of our pups are raised in our home, they are friendly, loyal and intelligent. They receive full veterinary care, socialization, exercise, good nutrition and lots of love. Tails are docked, dewclaws removed, 2 sets of vaccinations are given, and regular de-worming is done by the time the puppies are weaned. All puppies are structure evaluated at 8 weeks of age. We sell our pups with the requirement that those not of breeding quality will be spayed or neutered by their new owner when they reach an appropriate age. Buyers will be screened and puppies will not be sold to pet stores or brokers. We do not want the dogs we produce to be given to shelters or rescue organizations. We strive to place our puppies in forever homes. We offer and require a contract with every puppy sold. We value these little dogs/puppies and only want the best for them when they go to their new homes. We thoroughly enjoy this breed and we are committed to the well-being and the continuation of quality of the Miniature American Shepherd.

Being a family-owned and operated business, we’re able to offer you that personal touch you’ve been looking for. Our goal is to always make all of our customers happy, and we believe in treating each customer like a part of our family.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! And when you’re in Murdo we hope you come in and visit.
 *Raising quality Miniature American Shepherds.

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Brunskills Mini Aussies ® 26930 243rd St, Murdo, SD  57559 

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